You need to take ACTION NOW!

ACPSRO (Australian Council of Public Sector Retiree Organisations) and other retiree organisations are often told by politicians that they have heard from the ex-military but they seldom hear from the rest of us – retired police, firemen, teachers, health care workers, public servants, local government staff, etc – who are trying to survive in retirement on what are called “defined benefit pensions”, schemes that were developed in the olden days, when our retirement pensions were considered to be a good reason to pay us less while we were working.

Unless YOU bring your concerns to your local politicians and electoral candidates before the next election, and preferably before Christmas, they are likely to be ignored in the election campaigns. What follows is intended to provide you with information about some of the bad policies affecting you, so that you can use the arguments in meetings and correspondence with politicians (and would-be politicians), but you must act soon!

Please contact Richard Griffiths, National President of ACPSRO – [email protected] – for more information.

Canberra 27 November 2018.