Clean Energy Measures

Energy Supplement

The Energy Supplement, formerly called the Clean Energy Supplement, is no longer indexed, but is paid fortnightly.

The maximum fortnightly payment for the supplement is $14.10 for singles, and $10.60 each (or $21.20 combined) when part of a couple.

The Energy Supplement is an “ongoing payment to help eligible households with any impact from the carbon price on everyday expenses ….. provided you are residing permanently in Australia”, said the former ALP federal government.

It is treated as non-taxable, and is not considered “income” for the purposes of family assistance or income support.

Note: The Energy Supplement has not been indexed since 30 June 2014.

Further details about eligibility and how to claim the payment are available from Centrelink.

Call Centrelink on 1800 057 590 or go to