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Date of issue Publication Content
February 2019 SUPERTIME FEBRUARY 2019
  • Message from President, indexation campaign and letter sent to all Members of House of Representatives and all Senators
  • Message from CSC regarding timing and method of communication
  • Calculation of reversionary benefit and the $1.6 million Transfer Balance Cap
  • Facebook, BPAY, Comcare, Qantas Club, Union Shopper
  • Government announces work test exemption for recent retirees
  • Local committees updates
November 2018 SUPERTIME NOVEMBER 2018
  • Message from President and report on recent Annual General Meeting
  • Thank you to Barry Schafer
  • Change of date of special General Meeting in 2019
  • No fees payable for 2019
  • Launch of indexation campaign jointly with ACPSRO
  • Change of government’s policy re age pension
  • Local committee updates
August 2018 SUPERTIME AUGUST 2018
  • Notice of 2018 Annual General Meeting
  • Changes to CSC 2018 Payment Summary
  • Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission
  • Your Health Record Online
  • Australian Council of Public Sector Retiree Organisations
  • Age pension thresholds and limits
May 2018 SUPERTIME MAY 2018
  • SCOA Australia Rules changed
  • Changes to the age pension from 1 July 2018
  • How the CSS and PSS are assessed for the age pension
  • One stop shop for financial complaints
  • The Transfer Balance Cap and death benefit income streams
February 2018 SUPERTIME FEBRUARY 2018
  • President steps down
  • Pre-budget submission
  • Indexation
  • Using super for first home
  • Who owns your house?
  • Comcare, what’s happening?
  • Digital delivery of government services
  • Downsizing contributions into superannuation
November 2017 SUPERTIME NOVEMBER 2017
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Ten percent cap update
  • Indexation update
  • Dealing with Centrelink
  • Centrelink Financial Information Service Seminars
  • Unclaimed money and super
  • New superannuation legislation
August 2017 SuperTime August 2017
  • Comments on the 2017/18 federal Budget
  • Downsizing
  • Retirement villages
  • How to claim your membership fee as a tax deduction
  • Removal of the energy supplement
May 2017 SuperTime May 2017
  • Corrigendum to information about tax in February issue
  • Aged care means testing changes
  • Home care changes
  • Transition to retirement changes
February 2017 SuperTime February 2017
  • Taxation of superannuation
  • Further developments re the ten percent cap
  • Advance Care Planning
  • SCOA Australia Annual General Meeting report
  • Notice of SCOA Australia General Meeting in Sydney
  • SCOA Australia local committees news
November 2016 SuperTime Supplement Local news and events for members of SCOA Australia
November 2016 SuperTime November 2016
  • President’s message
  • New assets test limits
  • Pensioners going overseas
  • Tax, super, legislation and SCOA’s submissions
  • The ten percent cap, again
  • Accessing aged care services
  • 2017-18 pre-Budget submission
  • The adequacy of the age pension
  • Increase in GP consultations
August 2016 SuperTime August 2016
  • President’s message
  • British Pensioners in Australia
  • Calling for nominations for election of Federal President
  • The truth about public service pensions
  • How to make the most of a lump sum payment
  • Membership fees to increase
  • Centrelink calculator caution
  • Help us recruit members
August 2016 Recruit a member campaign flyer Recruit-a-member-campaign-insert
August 2016 SuperTime Supplement Local news and events for members of SCOA Australia
May 2016 SuperTime May 2016
February 2016 SuperTime February 2016

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