Some of SCOA’s achievements include the twice yearly indexation of CSS and PSS pensions, indexation of income thresholds for the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card and many others.  Some of these have been achieved in collaboration with other retiree organisations.

Here is a list of some of SCOA’s major achievements:

  • Abolition of a 2% cut in the CPI indexation of Commonwealth superannuation pensions (1989).
  • Twice-yearly (previously annual) indexation of Commonwealth and Defence Superannuation pensions (January 2002).
  • Helping the Reserve Bank Officers’ Association to obtain MTAWE (Male Total Average Weekly Earnings) indexation of their pensions (2002).
  • Recommendation by three Senate Committees for improved indexation of Commonwealth superannuation pensions (April 2001, December 202 and March 2008).
  • Simplification of the work test for voluntary superannuation contributions for those under 75 (July 2004).
  • Wage Cost Index adjustments to Comcare payments and improved Comcare payment advices (2008).
  • Reversionary benefits for same-sex partners (July 2008).
  • Reciprocal travel concessions for Seniors Card holders in all states (2008).
  • Introduction of the Low Income Clean Energy Supplement (2009).
  • Free bulky waste collection for pensioners (ACT) (2011).
  • Participation in the ATO’s Personal Tax Advisory Group until 2012.
  • Payment of Superannuation Guarantee to workers of all ages (previously payable only for those under 70) (2013).
  • Advertisements and articles in PS News Online (2013).
  • Online tax returns for Apple Mac users (2013).
  • Free bus travel for those over 70 (ACT) (2013).
  • Introduction of the Qantas Corporate Club membership scheme and membership of Union Shopper for SCOA members (2013).
  • Reversal of plan to make mobile home sites subject to GST (2014).
  • Helped DFRB and DFRDB pensioners to obtain improved indexation of their superannuation pensions (2014).
  • Indexation of the thresholds for the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (September 2014).
  • Organised a major conference of senior citizen organisations to formulate joint policies and plans for future joint action (July 2014).
  • Reduction of Stamp Duty for homeowners aged over 60 who wish to downsize (ACT) (2014).
  • Helped persuade the government to abandon the planned CPI indexation of the Age Pension (June 2015).
  • Helped Comcare recipients obtain over a million dollars in back payments, increased pensions, and increased supplementary benefits over the 15 year period to 2015.