2018 Annual General Meeting

SCOA Australia held its 2018 Annual General Meeting in Brisbane on 30 October 2018.  Thirty five members were in attendance. SCOA was represented by the President, Peter Illidge, Vice President, John Blount, and Committee Secretary, Anne Willenborg.

The President addressed the meeting on recent developments including the reasons for the decision to close the organisation. The President’s report is included in full in the November 2018 issue of SuperTime Peter Illidge described the many deliberations and scenarios considered by the National Committee before the final decision was made to recommend closure.  The recommendation to close will be put to members at a special General Meeting in Canberra next June next year.

In the absence of the Treasurer, Peter Illidge also tabled the SCOA Australia 2018 Annual Report and and the SCOA Financial report 2018.

Elections were held to fill the National Committee for the period until closure in Jne 2019. By the deadline for nominations for election of office bearers and members of the National Committee (30 June 2018), SCOA had received less than the number needed.  As a result, in accordance with SCOA Australia Rule 15.10, all the candidates who had nominated were taken to be elected. At a subsequent first meeting of the new National Committee in Canberra on 31 October 2018, Queensland SCOA member Peter Baker was appointed as a member of the National Committee.  Thus, the National Committee is as follows:

President, Peter Illidge
Vice President, John Blount
Treasurer, Tom Dent
Secretary ex officio, Anne Willenborg
Alan Raftery, Member
Bob Steins, Member
George Szylkarski, Member
James Vandenberg, Member
Peter Baker, Member

Canberra 12 November 2018