20 July 2016 – It’s time for action, Mr Turnbull

With a re-elected Turnbull government now in place, SCOA believes it is time to look to the future.
SCOA’s Federal President, Dr Annette Barbetti, today called for a thorough review of the entire superannuation system and its interaction with the welfare and pension systems before rushing through the recently announced changes to superannuation.
“Over the years, there have been too many ad hoc changes to superannuation that appear to be motivated more by a desire to achieve short-term savings than by an integrated plan to devise a robust, equitable and affordable system that will not require more tinkering in the future”, said Dr Barbetti.
SCOA released a list of recommendations for action during 2016/17.
20160719 Its time for action Mr Turnbull.
20160718 SCOAs Recommendations for Action 2016 2017.

SCOA Federal Office
20 July 2016