President of SCOA Australia steps down

President of SCOA Australia steps down

In early January, Annette Barbetti informed SCOA Australia’s National Committee that she would be stepping down from her role as the President of SCOA Australia and as a member of the National Committee, due to a number of recurring health issues.  Annette’s resignation was effective immediately.

Stalwart doesn’t begin to describe Annette Barbetti and her contribution to the organisation over a very long time, both at local ACT level and federally and nationally.  Over the many years Annette has been associated with SCOA, she has held the posts of President and/or Vice President of the (former) ACT Branch as well as President and/or Vice President of the former Federal Council.  She was instrumental in the establishment of SCOA Australia and has served as the President since its inception in February 2013.

Annette Barbetti has brought considerable knowledge and expertise to SCOA in the areas of Commonwealth defined pension indexation and taxation, and, more recently, all manners of age and retirement related issues such as the age pension, the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, the ever changing rules regarding home care packages, supplementary payments to low income pensioners, carers’ issues and many, many others.  As you all know, Annette always contributed in a significant way to the quantity and quality of items published in our  newsletter.  Her knowledge and skills in these areas will be missed.

Annette Barbetti is a life member of SCOA Australia and will remain as a member of the SCOA Australia ACT local committee.

Our thanks and best wishes go to Annette Barbetti from everyone at SCOA Australia.

Former Vice President, Peter Illidge, has been appointed as SCOA Australia’s new President and John Blount has taken over the role of Vice President.

More information will be available in the next issue of SuperTime due out in the first week of February 2018.

Canberra, 11 January 2018.