Helping our members

SCOA aims to be recognised by the Australian community as the premier national body representing former Australian government (federal, state and territory) employees and their families.

In the 21st century, community and individual aspirations about retirement will be determined against the background of an ageing population and labour market impacts, mature age work issues, and regular changes to legislation, superannuation and taxation arrangements. Individuals will need to address retirement needs more regularly in a planned and consistent way than may have been the general practice for past generations.

SCOA monitors relevant government announcements and proposed legislation. It represents the interests of its constituency in various forums. Where appropriate, it lobbies members of Parliament and government bodies to maintain and improve conditions for Commonwealth superannuants and superannuation contributors.

SCOA also networks with other national and State organisations to exchange views on retirement issues.

SCOA helps its members by focusing on issues such as:

  • Superannuation provisions, administration and access (including equal rights and issues specific to women) for Australia’s federal, state and territory government employees;
  • Maintaining the value of Commonwealth superannuation pensions, especially through appropriate pension indexation;
  • Taxation;
  • Seniors’ concessions;
  • Health and ageing, with a special interest in public dental health;
  • Comcare compensation; and
  • Government benefits and services.

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Federal Council Annual Report 2015/16 Federal Council Annual Report 2015/16
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