The 3rd Act Freedom in Retirement

The 3rd Act -Freedom in Retirement program was launched in October 2014 by Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation (CSC), the trustee of the CSS, PSS, PSSap, MilitarySuper and DFRDB superannuation schemes.  The program is designed to support members, including CSS and PSS pensioners, in taking a more holistic approach to planning for life beyond fulltime work.

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What we know:

  • Typically there are three major ‘acts’ in our lives 
    • childhood
    • building our careers and family
    • ‘retirement’ or life beyond full-time work … the 3rd Act. 
  • As people lead longer and healthier lives, lots of living is done after the ‘traditional’ retirement age.
  • There are many possibilities for how you live your life during this 3rd Act … work longer, make a career change or pursue new hobbies and interests.
The 3rd Act – Freedom in Retirement program offers access to seminars, workshops, information and advice.  Topics include “mind and body”, “family and relationships”, “work and lifestyle”, and “money and finances”.
We send out a quarterly newsletter via email with information, advice, stories and details about upcoming events.  You can subscribe to this newsletter from our website.
Do you have a story to tell?
We are looking for your stories to share with other readers about how you transitioned into retirement or about a special journey you have had since retiring.
For instance:
  • The best thing about retirement
  • A life lesson that you have learned
  • An obstacle that you have encountered and how you overcame it
  • A new job or activity that you have started
  • Your top tips for a happy retirement
  • What you are doing to maintain a healthy mind and body
Please send your contributions via post or email to us at:
“My Retirement Journey”
The 3rd Act – Freedom in Retirement
Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation
Level 8, 121 Marcus Clarke Street
Still making plans for your 3rd Act?  You may find our FREE seminars and workshops helpful
Seminars – The 3rd Act – Freedom in Retirement
In 90 minutes, hear about the emotional, physical, lifestyle and financial aspects of retirement.
Here’s what people are saying after attending a seminar at our inaugural “The 3rd Act – Freedom in Retirement” seminar series held in 2014:
“It made me think about more than $$$$”
“Opportunity to think through all the factors involved in the retirement decision”
“Motivated my wife and me to think about and discuss retirement issues”
“Realistic examples with interesting facts that I would not have thought of”
“Interesting overview of issues which directed me to further information on the Internet and in the book supplied on the night”.
Workshops – “Financial planning for retirement”, by Industry Fund Services
In 90 minutes, you’ll get a structured approach to retirement presented by a qualified financial planner.
Topics covered:
  • What does retirement mean today?
  • What is your retirement timeline?
  • How will you spend your days?
  • What are your lifestyle goals?
  • What’s your current income?
  • How much income will you need in future?
  • How can you boost your savings and make them last longer?
  • Do you need financial protection?
This is an ideal first step towards financial planning for your retirement if you haven’t yet sought advice from Industry Fund Services.  You will receive a workbook to work through on the night and continue to complete in your own time afterwards.
General information only
Information presented will be of a general nature only.  You won’t receive personal financial information or help specific to your own needs, goals or circumstances.
Industry Fund Services (IFS)
Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation has partnered with Industry Fund Services (IFS) so you can obtain professional, trusted and affordable “fee for service” financial advice to help build, manage and protect your wealth.
CSC selected IFS as their partner because:
  • advice is provided solely in your best interest
  • there are no obligations, commissions or hidden fees, and
  • IFS planners are experts in your schemes.
NOTE:  Spaces are strictly limited in each workshop
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