Special General Meeting, Canberra Monday 3 June 2019

A Special General Meeting will be held in Canberra on Monday 3 June 2019 at 10.30 am to vote on a number of recommendations made by the National Committee, including the winding up of SCOA Australia and the disbursement of any surplus funds.

All members of the National Committee will be present in person at the meeting.  Also present will be Jonathon Colbran, Chartered Accountant, RSM Australia Pty Ltd, and Trish Cassidy, Senior Manager, RSM Australia Pty Ltd, who SCOA has engaged to assist with the liquidation.

The Notice of Special General Meeting and a Proxy Form  with details of the Resolutions to be put to members at the meeting have been sent to all members of SCOA Australia with the May 2019 issue of SuperTime.

For further details, please contact Anne Willenborg in National Office on phone 02 6286 7977 or by email executive@scoa.asn.au

Canberra, 9 May 2019.